Feasibility studies and assessment of applicability for upgrade and modernization of Bus Rapid Transit System


In 2008, the city of Burgas was nominated as a pilot city in Bulgaria for the development of an integrated project for renovation and modernization of public transport. The project is implemented under operation 1.5 “Development of sustainable urban transport” within priority axis 1 of the Operational Program “Regional Development 2007-2013 (OPRD) and aims to modernize all aspects of public transport on the territory of the city. The main activity is the development of more efficient and faster urban transport with less energy consumption, construction of accessible secondary infrastructure of public transport networks and introduction of environmental types of urban transport

Burgas Municipality


Analysis of the present situation, studies and update of data
Analysis of the transport scheme and variants for upgrade of Bus Rapid Transit System
Preparation of variants for intelligent transport management system and nomination of a variant
Preparation of functional specification for the nominated intelligent transport management system
Preparation of feasibility study for upgrade of Bus Rapid Transit System and implementation of intelligent transport management system in the town of Burgas