Transportation and Disposal of Ash and Gypsum from AES 3C Maritza East 1 Power Plant, Dryanovo Landfill, Galabovo Municipality, District Stara Zagora


The new lignite-fired AES Maritza East 1 (Galabovo) Thermal Power Plant produces approximately 3,2 million tons of combustion waste per year (from the combustion of the lignite in the power plant and dewatered waste from the wet limestone flue gas desulphurization (FGD) units). The combustion waste is transported to the Dryanovo Landfill Site for disposal. The project includes Design, Supply and Construction of Waste Disposal Facility consisting of three major elements – Transportation, Disposal and Water management and includes 40 subsites

AES Maritsa East 1 EOOD

Technical Control of the Design, part Structural

Design Conformity Assessment of the Basic and Technical Design
Coordination procedures and approval of investment design
Construction supervision per SDA
Final Report to National Construction Control Directorate